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Development of a smart phone App allows moms to customize recommendations on pacifier size and shield design. These recommendations are based on physical anthropometric data, specific to each infant or toddler. This proprietary algorithm, developed from evidenced based clinical anthropometrics, makes the proper bulb size and shield design selection for you. By using the PACI Logo moms can purchase the recommended pacifier and shield type which is calculated from two simple oriented facial photographs (frontal and side view) taken with a mobile smart phone.

puzzle piece The PACI Logo (application programming interface) is the main technology which drives the scientific computation of the algorithm. This is a biometric method by which the problem of pacifier fit is solved across company brands. The API works by taking demographic and vital parameters, along with anthropometric facial landmarks, and through a proprietary algorithm, output a recommended pacifier. Pacifiers are selected from a database of marketed pacifiers by brand and size. The API is built using Flask and Python; it wraps the python scripts for facial landmark detection and inputs it into the PACI-fied™ algorithm, The resulting empirical proposal will then match the output to a pacifier in the database. Frontal and Lateral anthropometrics use proportions and angle vectors.

Patent Pending and Copyright Protected, the PACI-fied™ Sizing App/ API data parameters allow analysis of measurements which apply to other size dependent soothing and feeding baby products (i.e. bottle nipples, sippy cups, training cups and teethers).

PACI-fied App Parameters

Baby product designs, using biometric parameters, should drive the basis for product claims. They should be based in science Chronological age is so old school.

For more information contact David Tesini DMD MS, Toothprints Inc.

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